Saturday, April 11, 2009

New consensus on sea level rise?

Recently because of some posts on stoat I have become interested in how the consensus is moving on projected sea level rise. There are clearly some scientists who now believe that 1M above 1990 by 2100 is likely. These include Stefan Rahmstorf, and Aslak Grinsted who have published papers based on empirical analysis to come to this conclusion. There are a number of issues with the paper by Dr. Rahmstorf some of which were published as comments in Science. I will post some additional comments which follow the publishing of the code and data. The paper by Dr. Grinsted is more interesting to me, but because of the time periods he uses to train and test his model much of the input data and assumptions are necessarily pretty fuzzy.

In AR4 the consensus estimates for sea level rise are on page 821 figure 10.33. Table 10.7 on the previous page breaks down the components. The range for the various scenarios including the error bars is roughly .2 meters to .6 meters. Many people seem to feel that they just threw up their hands at faster ice sheet discharge but table 10.33 includes figures for that at the bottom. They declined to add these into the projections because they couldn't assess the likelihood of this happening. It is important to note that these would have only added .09 to .17 meters to the high end of the range bringing the top to about .8 meters. (It would have slightly lowered the bottom of the range as well.)

So I wonder how far the consensus has actually changed in the last couple of years. Or are there simply some scientists who believe the consensus is low? Should the best estimate now be considered 1M? Or should we stay with the IPCC conclusions? Of course I don't attend the conferences with the types of experts who are called on to determine the consensus view. But I note that it doesn't seem to me that any of the lead authors of Chapter 10 are authors of these recent studies. (I could easily be wrong as cross checking that type of thing is difficult.)

Anyway I am going to write a couple of posts looking at these empirical papers. I am also looking at building an empirical model of my own to see if it will improve on the results of R07.

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